This is a canonical list of all the posts and pages in this blog, intended for both human readers and spiders. But first, here are the links to sections of the site outside of the blog.

Below is the plugin-generated sitemap which shows each of the blog’s current categories, with the blog posts belonging to the category listed underneath. The date of the post is shown, and the number in round brackets ( if present) is the number of comments on the post. The sitemap extends over four pages now, to enable a slightly faster loading time.

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There is also a monthly archive, showing the number of posts per month going back to March 2004

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  2. Kara Kahen says:

    On 16 May 2006, Flickr updated its services from beta to “gamma”, along with a design and structural overhaul. According to the site’s FAQ, the term “gamma”, rarely used in software development, is intended to be tongue-in-cheek to indicate that the service is always being tested by its users, and is in a state of perpetual improvement.-.

    All the best

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