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Fibre Optical Broadband
Delete WordPress Plugins with ManageWP
Change Your WordPress Hosting Easily Via ManageWP
My Snapshot
Some things I can’t do on the ipad 2 yet.
Check out FiRe – Field Recorder
tiny cars #TinyPlanet

Fibre Optical Broadband

I’ve had a new fibre optical broadband and telephone service installed.

The BT Openreach vans have been busy in our area for months. The fibre optic cables were laid under the streets and up the telegraph poles, ready for anybody who wants to take advantage of the higher data speeds available with fibre optics, and to future proof homes connectivity. I’ve always had a pretty good service through the copper wires though, and since reliability rather than speed is my most important criteria, I elected to remain with my current sluggish and expensive but very reliable broadband provider. Well I would have done if I could have, but they had been taken over by another company, and then another in turn. So I was left on a legacy system yet again.

Finally, BT made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Six months totally free broadband and landline phone usage, including up to £5 worth per month calls to mobiles, no setup fee, no line rental, no charge for the modem, free to opt out again at any time. Supposedly it’s a trial to test the new voice over fibre service. Whatever. I notice Sky TV are offering similar broadband deals so it’s probably more of an enticement, because we all know how powerful the force of inertia can be, once you’ve plumped for one service or another.

Fibre Optical Broadband

Fibre Optical Broadband

I’m happy to have my house cabled up with fibre optics, all the way to the modem. The old copper wire system is still there, and working as I type, so I have a choice of two broadband connections, luxury. The fibre optic system is about two or three times as fast for downloads and browsing, but more like six or ten times as fast for uploads, which is great when I have a series of half a gigabyte music videos to upload to YouTube for example. Even running in the background, the three or four hour uploads used to degrade the general internet access quality for everybody else on the network, but that’s no longer the case. And I can watch live streaming HD TV channels such as the BBC iPlayer at the same time as uploads and other stuff going on simultaneously.

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Delete WordPress Plugins with ManageWP

I’ve just been using ManageWP beta – the web utility for managing multiple WordPress installations – to delete an obsolete plugin from several of my older blogs.

The functionality to delete or deactivate plugins was a much requested feature that was added to the many useful operations that ManageWP can perform for you just a couple of weeks ago, and it really does make this web service indispensable for anybody with more than just a couple of WordPress installations. I was recommending before, but even more so now.

The plugin I wanted to deprecate in my installations was called Viper’s Video QuickTags, very handy in it’s day for embedding youtube videos withing blog posts, but that functionality was added into the core WordPress code several versions ago, which renders the plugin redundant for me.

Plugins and Themes

Plugins and Themes

With ManageWP I could select “plugins and themes” from the sidebar, then chose All Websites, tick plugins, active, and search by keyword: “viper”. That gave me a list of five blogs that still had the old plugin active. I could have deactivated the lot in one fell swoop just like that, but I wanted to make sure all my old posts with videos embedded would still work so, without even leaving the ManageWP dashboard, I went to each affected individual WordPress dashboard in turn, and searched through the posts for the string “[youtube”, that being the way the old plugin recognised source posts needing to have the embed code added. I then removed the shortcodes from each end of the video identifier leaving just the youtube url on one line by itself, which WordPress now interprets as a request to embed video inline. Once the legacy code was removed, I could then deactivate and delete the plugin, leaving me with a nice feeling of having tidied up a longstanding loose end.


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Change Your WordPress Hosting Easily Via ManageWP

From time to time you may wish to move your entire WordPress blog with all its posts, comments, images,  themes and widgets over from one web hosting service to another.

In this post I’m going to show you step by step how you can move a live WordPress blog and domain from one webhost to another without needing to delve into the mySQL databases or edit any php files.

This could help you move to a more economical hosting deal, find a faster and more reliable hosting company or help you escape from that nightmarish overselling company with the frontline support ticket service from hell, and there are plenty of those around!

Manage WP

Manage WP

As a blogger using WordPress,  messing about with web hosting is something I prefer not to have to do, but unfortunately it frequently becomes a necessity. Good web hosting companies come and go, and last year’s bargain can soon become this year’s nightmare as far as technical support and hidden limitations are concerned. Imagine if we could just copy our blogs from one host to another just like switching phone networks or changing insurance companies? That would turn web hosting into a simple commodity which you could chop and change as often as you like, following the best deals or the best service, checking out new ones on a monthly basis to see how well they perform and switching back whenever you felt like it. Well I think we are almost there now, and this is how I did it most recently using a new web service called ManageWP which is presently in beta and promises to continue providing a free account for up to 3 ( or maybe 5) blogs indefinitely.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

How to Move a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog and domain from one web hosting to another using ManageWP

  1. Select the blog you wish to move from within ManageWP, and click the “Backup Now” button (see1 ).
  2. Go to File Manager or ftp in the old host CPanel and find the backup file just created, in WP-content eg public_html/blogname/wp-content/e51f790672adfc64dd712f17a9ac3/mwp_backups/ (see2 ).
  3. Download that backup file to your computer.
  4. Go to CPanel at the new host and run Fantastico or Scriptaculous to create a new WordPress blog with the same name at the new host, domain top level
  5. In File Manager or ftp, Save a copy of the new wp-config.php file just created under wp-admin.
  6. Now at your domain registration provider, switch over the dns to point to the new hosting and wait for it to propagate
  7. When the new empty blog is showing in the browser and in ManageWP dashboard, remove blog from ManageWP then re-add – (to add the manage-wp-plugin and reset the IP details etc)
  8. In ManageWP, select the new blog then Options then Backup and run a backup
  9. in File Manager, navigate to the newly created backup file and upload the old one to the same folder
  10. Still in File Manager, rename the uploaded backup file to the name of the new backup just created.
  11. in ManageWP, Restore from backup – ( now you get a Database Error because wp-config.php is looking for the old database names) so….
  12. replace wp-config.php with the one saved from (step 5) the newly created WordPress.

That’s it, it worked! You may need to deactivate and reactivate the manageWP plugin to get ManageWP to recognise the newly restored blog again.

To summarise, Backup the blog from the old host, create a new blog on the new host, then switch the dns over. When the new blog is live, re-add it to manage WP and do a backup. Then replace the backup just created with the one from the old blog and restore, but put back the wp-config from the new blog. Deactivate the ManageWP plugin and re-add the moved blog to ManageWP dashboard again.

This has been the first in a series of posts about using ManageWP to help organise and maintain multiple WordPress blog by Andy Roberts at DARnet

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My Snapshot


Here’s a snapshot of my Instagram stats.


You’re on your iPhone right now?
– Save the image in your library
– Open your Instagram app and share your snapshot with your community
(You can even give it your favorite filtering option! 😉 )

See you soon on





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Some things I can’t do on the ipad 2 yet.

So this is an experimental blog post feeding the output from a mind map directly via email to the blog. The mind map software is ithoughtsHD as recommended by Ed Dale and MacSparky, and it’s an addition to one I made early in order to accumulate some tasks I needed to do when I get back on my iMac again. So the first one was a kind of to do list, which is against the spirit of action logging I know, but sometimes I need the memory aid in special circumstances.

I’ve had an intense unplanned two weeks or so learning curve with my new iPad 2, and it’s been enlightening and fun on the whole, but occasionally frustrating as well.
In theory there are only about 20-30% of activities which cannot be done easily on the iPad, but in practice they can soon mount up into a bit of a backlog. I’ve tried to avoid getting involved in really complicated workflows which are basically workarounds to make up for the deliberately isolated structure of the IOS apps system.

Other things I haven’t mentioned are native OSX apps such as Market Samurai, or Firefox plugins, which haven’t been ported to iPad yet, if at all.

The iThoughtsHD output to email process includes a number of different formats and here they are:

  • cant do on ipad
  • adding autolinks into wordpress blog posts
  • of course this is a bit like thinks to do on the iMac
  • the difference being here I might try to find ways to do them on the iPad eventually
  • podcasts
    • broadcast with livestream
    • edit sound files in audacity
  • facebook
    • leave groups
    • manage pages on 2nd page
  • Google Reader
    • add subscriptions
    • unsubscribe
  • gmail
    • add filters
  • WordPress
    • edit longer posts
    • add categories after the first few in the list
    • reorganise categories?

    cant do on ipad.itm Download this file

    cant do on ipad.itmz Download this file

    cant do on ipad.opml Download this file


    cant do on ipad.pdf Download this file

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    Check out FiRe – Field Recorder

    Check out this application on the App Store:

    Cover Art

    FiRe – Field Recorder

    Audiofile Engineering

    Category: Music

    Updated: 23 Dec 2010

    65 Ratings

    iTunes for Mac and Windows
    Please note that you have not been added to any email lists.
    Copyright © 2011 iTunes S.à r.l. All rights reserved


    Andy Roberts




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    tiny cars #TinyPlanet


    Andy Roberts

    tiny cars #TinyPlanet via posterous

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