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Happy New Year
Reviewers required – Song
Andy Roberts music – Listen up
Specs of Dust

Happy New Year

Like most New Years recently, I’ll be staying in, enjoying good company, food and drink and then watching Later with Jules Holland – Hootenanny!.

I used to like Paul Weller back in the 80s, ( not so much Marc Almond) but he and Amy Winehouse weren’t very impressive on the BBC proms a few months ago. The rest of the lineup is quite promising though.

So, A Happy New Year to anyone still checking blogs at this time…

Do you want to hear some predictions?

The Paul Weller/Amy Winehouse duet of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” was very enjoyable, as were Lily Allen, Madeleine Peyroux, and the Zutons. Highlight though, must have been Ade Edmondson’s Bonzoesque (with trumpet) version of the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the UK” which he claimed was the first time the song had every been performed on British TV without getting banned. But on Bedazzled, you can view a movie of a performance from September 4th 1976 on the Granada TV show “So It Goes”. So maybe I got it wrong, or it was a first for the BBC, or with a trumpet or something.

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Reviewers required – Song

The internet has revolutionised the distribution of music, and is doing the same for promotion. Now I am seeking to include the network earlier on, in the creative process itself.

music stave

I have a new song in an advanced stage of amateur pre-production and I’ve kind of lost the ability to hear it fresh, now. So I thought I might ask for some kind of peer reviews. Would you be willing to listen a couple of times and reply with your thoughts in the next two or three days please? Great!
The song is a serious one, just over eight minutes long, and I’d be grateful for feedback on first impression, followed by any more detailed criticism which might help me to make decisions and improve the mix for release. If you are interested in having a go at this, please leave a comment here or drop me an email and I’ll get the mp3 to you by this evening, December 28th. Thanks.

update 30.12.2006 :
Many thanks to the 5 responses already to my request. That should be plenty enough for this version, thanks. I’ll be getting on with it.

2 very useful reviews received back so far.

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As a researcher musician, one has to have a MySpace..

and a blog page to link to.

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Andy Roberts music – Listen up

Latest first…..

Here’s a draft version of a new recording of an older song from around yr 2000.
“Winter in Andalucia”

And this is the demo version of “The Nutmeg Tree” have enabled embedded playlists so you can listen right here:

You can get the code which generates the above here

Lyrics to “Wreckers Prayer” posted. ( more info ) Music written and Demo recorded with favourable reviews. It’s one of those “traditional songs that I wrote” type of things, which I don’t normally do. record label established

Gernika song flyer New song with its own page – Gernika

I have submitted 2 songs for the current ‘Splinters 3’ collection – now on
a new drupal powered site.

Andy Roberts on SellaBand

TheAndyRoberts on Myspace

consumer at

Minute by Minute

Year 2000 music page

That’s all.
Please add me as a friend on MySpace

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I really like the “long tail” business plan of this new unsigned musicians site.


The idea is that if you are a songwriter or a band, you upload a few demo mp3s and then try to get lots of people to sponsor the recording of an album. ‘Believers’ can buy stakes of $10 each which entitle them to a small slice of the ad revenue from the eventual professionally recorded music, which is provided free for download. The Artists get a stake as well, of course, and the website retains a percentage for themselves. That’s clever.

I heard about it on BBC world service radio in the middle of the night, (I had been kept awake by the excrutiating symptoms of Tomato Flu) and the spokesman from the website sounded sufficiently clued in and modest with it. They don’t expect anybody to raise the full $50,000 anytime this year, but they’ve been really pleased with the amount of trust which fans of unsigned bands have shown already. What they are providing is a mechanism which can be used as a roadmap for writing, financing and producing an album, and one which builds a really good relationship with a loyal fanbase at the same time, which can then be used as a springboard to greater things.

My only reservations are that you have to sign over forever, a proportion of the royalties for the songs which are recorded, so you might not want to put all of your best songs on the first album and then be left with ‘second album syndrome’ for the real deal.

For research purposes, I created my own profile on the site here:
(It’s not often I get to beat all the other Andy Robertses to a user name)

So is there anybody out there who wants to ‘believe’ to the extent of $50,000?

No? Ok, it’ll have to be $10 each then.

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Specs of Dust

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