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More Friendfeed tips - video 3 May 30, 2008

Posted by Andy Roberts in : friendfeed, social objects, web2.0, tools , 3comments

Four more tips for getting to grips with FriendFeed

In this third video of the series I show four simple techniques for delving further into the productive use of Friendfeed as a social media tool.

So this being a Friday, you’re now all set for an exciting weekend experimenting and exploring the fast growing conversations in Friendfeed Rooms. Seeya there.

Note: due to a misunderstanding of Blip TV episodes you might have failed to view video 2 in this series which is here: Friendfeed and Social Objects

And if you can’t access video at all for some reason, there are some transcript notes included below and over on edocr.com at Friendfeed video transcript. Thanks to Allison Reynolds 100 eggs post for that idea.

Friendfeed and Social Objects May 28, 2008

Posted by Andy Roberts in : friendfeed, internet, social objects, tools , 5comments

In this second screencast video about Friendfeed, I talk about the way Friendfeed uses social object theory to add stickiness to imported feeds. There’s also a discussion of Friendfeed rooms, and a reply to Linda Hartley’s question about the first video in this series: Friendfeed for Microblogging.

Warning: This screencast is hosted on Google video Blip.TV because I overshot the length limit of ten minutes for youTube - oops.

Social Object theory or Object Centred Sociality has been explained by Jyri Engestrom of Jaiku.

If you are trying out Friendfeed yourself, you might subscribe to mine here: Andy Roberts Friendfeed

Friendfeed for microblogging - a screencast video May 26, 2008

Posted by Andy Roberts in : friendfeed, social objects, web2.0, tools , 6comments

Friendfeed is more than just a clever lifestream aggregator for all your other applications, it’s also a micro blogging platform in its own right. Here’s a screencast video I made to show how.

In the next screencast video of this series, I’ll show how Friendfeed microblog entries can be social objects, and the use of “rooms”.

Meanwhile, I’d be interested to hear how you think the future will unfold in this area. Twitter has the best community at present but can it hold on to it? Friendfeed has some of the elements of Facebook but without the apps. Have you tried migrating to Jaiku or Pownce? Can’t understand what’s the point of microblogging is anyway?

friendfeed for microblogging