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Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts music posts and videos about the singer songwriter guitar player Andy Roberts

Embedding Videos from Facebook
Haverfolk Newsletter Andy Roberts feature evening
Google+ for Mobile
Andy Roberts Music Podcast #44
Podcast Live
Gordon Brown Never a Frown

Andy Roberts music posts and videos about the singer songwriter guitar player Andy Roberts

Embedding Videos from Facebook

If your video camera operator (thanks to Linda) has turned their apparatus sideways, the resulting portrait styled video works better uploaded to facebook and embedded than it does on youTube.

As discovered over on


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Haverfolk Newsletter Andy Roberts feature evening

HaverFolk News

26th January, 2012

Hi all,

Newsletter time once again with a report of last nights’s Andy Roberts feature evening from John the Fox.

Havering report 25 January:

A splendid turnout for our guest artist Andy Roberts (Haverfolk’s Andy not the Liverpool Scene one) meant the number of floor spots was restricted (the guv’nor Simon Oliver led by example and stood down, despite having practised something special for the evening).

Proceedings were opened by our Hillbillies Pep and Terry playing a quick bluegrass piece then leading all-comers in the songs You Ain’t Going Nowhere and Worried Man Blues.

MC for the night Smolovik formally opened proceedings with Down By the Riverside then called on Foxen who performed Freewheeling Days, their tribute to the late Suze Rotollo, Bob Dylan’s girlfriend who is pictured on the front of his Freewheeling album.

Our own Thief of Dadgad, Graham Harrison, marked Burns Night by singing Archie Fisher’s Lindsay.

Concertina and guitar duo Bernie and Maureen Pilgrim gave us Grandfather’s Tune and Uncle Bernard then violin maestro Richie Barratt made a welcome return, accompanying Micky Brown on a song we think was called Can’t Wait Till the Weekend Comes.

Newcomer Di Russell accompanied herself on mandolin for a Mumford and Sons song, Awake My Soul and Ray Spillman, recovering well after his recent stay in hospital sang Norwegian Wood.

Poetess Carol read us a brief ode written during a workshop she went to on hands and Peter Walters sang Gypsy Rover.

Then it was time for the main event. Andy has a growing reputation as a songwriter and treated us to an hour and three-quarters (with a break) of mostly his own compositions. [ full setlist ] Old favourites such as London Bridge (which Haverites insist on calling the Cormorants) and Winter In Andalucia jostled with newer compositions such as Never Was to Be (an online collaboration with lyricist Daryl P Hall) and Clean Living Woman Blues (lyrics by Andy’s partner Linda Hartley).

As it was Burns Night he gave us two of his Scotland-inspired numbers The Last Nail and The Rowan Tree (not to be confused with the Scottish ballad written by Lady Nairne).

We also got a version of his epic, Gernika, inspired by a visit to the Basque city on the anniversary of its bombing by the Luftwaffe.

He finished off with his song Cajun  Music Cajun Food and invited Pep on banjo and Richie Barratt and John Foxen on fiddles to join him.

He was called back for a well deserved encore and aptly provided The Last Subway Home, reminding us it was time to take the last train.

A fine end to a fine evening. – John Eason

Local Round-Up:

This Sunday, 29th January the FaB Club has a “Club in the Pub” session featuring Al Neville & Friends.

There is a singaround at Waltham Abbey Folk Club on Monday, 30th January; all welcome.

This coming Tuesday, 31st January sees a guest night at Romford Folk Club with C’est la Vie; the compere & commere are Mick & Nora.

Also on Tuesday, 31st January the Hoy at Anchor Folk Club has a guest evening featuring Tony McManus. I quote direct from their website: ”Tony McManus is the Jeff Beck of the acoustic guitar”; ”His guitar playing is faultless…atmospheric and evocative…consistently appealing” just two of the many glowing reviews attributed to this guitar virtuoso. In the course of his relatively short career Tony has established a reputation as the best Celtic guitarist in the world…the man whose fellow guitarists would aspire to and are in awe of!”

On Thursday, 2nd February, Loughton Folk Club has guest Josienne Clarke; again I quote direct from the website: “Josienne Clarke is now one of the leading lights in the current folk revival movement. Her music is borne from sincere and succinct songwriting, distilled through traditional folk, executed with skill and dexterity. Come and see!”   also

Back to Haverfolk:

Our next open session is on Wednesday 1st February when all are welcome to claim a floor spot. The first 15 to give their names to the night’s MC are guaranteed at least two songs. After that, it depends on how many we have, but we’ll try to fit you in for two if we possibly can.

That’s it for this week – a rather shorter-than-usual newsletter, but not so much happening this time. Make it a date- Wednesday at eight!

Cheers – Peter Walters

HaverFolk, The Function Suite, The White Horse, 118 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, RM6 6NU


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Google+ for Mobile

I’m liking what I’ve seen so far of Google+ or Google plus, particularly the mobile version  which seems like a good place to quickly catch up on a lot of stuff all in one place. roll on the iPad app for it. The “nearby” feature should be really interesting on occasion, but not until a few more people are on there in my local area, which ought to be teeming really.

The big questions are who what and why

Who is going to settle in at Google+ not just to take a look around but to make it a home page that is checked often? Just the early adopter drive-by users or a more stable community of normal people?

What are we going to do or talk about on Google+ that’s innovative and original?

Why would anybody try to migrate all of their friends over to Google+ if they are already ensconced at other social networks?

The thing is, it’s all going to change anyway.

Add me as or possibly “+Andy Roberts

Photos - Google+

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Andy Roberts Music Podcast #44

It’s Podcast 44 – Romford Folk Club part 2
June 12, 2011 at 5:27 PM

Andy Roberts Podcast 44

Episode 44 of the Andy Roberts Podcast continues the soundtrack from the Romford Folk Club guest night of April 12th with six more self written songs performed live.

Here’s the download and play link etc:
Download podcast 44

Subscribe to the podcast RSS or get it from iTunes

Download MP3 to save – 38 Mb in size, playtime 26 minutes 20 seconds :- 44 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 44.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #44 Shownotes

Show Notes for Podcast 44

  1. Yellow Boat
  2. Gernika
  3. Doing it all alone
  4. Migration
  5. Joan of Arc
  6. The Dream is Over

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Podcast Live

Following on from the Podcast idea a few weeks back I promised to post again telling you how to subscribe in iTunes or get the podcast automatically delivered to the podcast player of your choice. We’ve had four podcast prototypes broadcast and published already and the show is ready to go live on Tuesday July 6th, at 7.00pm UK time so this is quite short notice for anybody who didn’t manage to keep up over at ustream

itunes podcast

subscribe in iTunes

RSVP on Facebook at

The website hosting the podcasts is over at and there’s a post about the official opening night which says:

After 4 weeks of prototyping, the music podcast goes LIVE in July and we’re celebrating with an official opening night on Tuesday July 6th. So come along to the ustream page promptly for 7.00pm UK time to get your requests in, hang out with other podcast listeners and be part of my opening night recorded for posterity here at

Podcast LaunchPodcast Launch

Building the Opening Night

It would be nice to have a bit of a crowd along for the opening night just to get the regular weekly podcasting off to a good start so I’ve created a facebook Event for this particular show which you can invite people to. I’ll also be making a post over on my long established blog site at DARnet Andy Roberts and one or two other places if I can think of them.

The podcast opening night will also be part of the Cafe Noodle July Ustream Festival, a great music community organised by Matt Stevens Loop.

I think it should be possible to embed the ustream show here on this site – so that’s something I’ll be having a go at too.

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Podcast Idea

OK, I woke up on Wednesday morning with an idea in my head that just seemed to be a natural way forward for the music side of things. A podcast.

It’s not a big stretch really, but for some reason hadn’t occurred to me before. I’ve been doing a weekly live music broadcast on since July 2009, nearly a year ago, and sometimes a few people login and say hello, others just lurk, and it’s very much a live, ephemeral event. Some of the songs I perform I also record using the ustream system, and they can end up on youTube, and some of them I don’t. It depends how I feel at the time. By keeping the time and day of week the same – always on a Tuesday at 7.00pm UK time – I thought it might encourage a small group of regulars to build up, and there are indeed some people who do drop in on a semi regular kind of basis. But if I don’t bother to send out a tweet and a facebook status update, or set up an event, then it can seem kind of like pushing a boulder up the side of the mountain. It can fall back again so there’s nobody there except myself and Linda and a couple of anonymous attenders who may or may not be paying attention. But then again, people have also mentioned to me face to face that they were there listening on an occasion, but not logged on, so it’s not really anonymous, that’s just how it can seem subjectively, which is not really something to be at all worried about. And That’s all OK as far as it goes, because the Tuesday night shows allow me to rehearse a few songs that I might end up performing in front of a live audience at the Havering Folk Club the next day, and help to build up the collection of videos to the Andy Roberts Music youTube account, which can get thousands of views sometimes.

Andy Roberts Music on USTREAM

Andy Roberts Music on USTREAM

But it seems I may have been missing a trick. It struck me that for all sorts of reasons there can be a few people who might have wanted to turn up on any particular Tuesday evening but can’t make it that week, or forget, or go out, fall asleep, desperately need to watch the stupid box or cook dinner etc. I toyed with the idea of moving to a different time of day. Maybe a Sunday afternoon or something like that. But Tuesday evenings are convenient for me as it happens. So maybe a couple more people could tune in if they could do so at their own convenience, asynchronously, using the simple podcast technology that’s been around on the internet for several years now. There could be a choice between downloading audio only, as in conventional iPod mp3 player, or a video podcast. I’ll learn to pipe more than just live webcam video into that at some point.

So nothing much is going to change with the Tuesday evening live broadcast music shows, except for this: Instead of setting Ustream to record individual songs as and when, every week the whole show will be recorded, 20 minutes half an hour or whatever, and made available as a podcast which can be subscribed to in iTunes, downloaded, accessed from this blog or via RSS etc. The thing that podcasts do best. So you can listen or watch when you like.

Andy Roberts Podcast

So I’ve decided to start off with a plan, and this is the plan: The new Andy Roberts Podcast will go live in July 2010, with a prototype starting next Tuesday and ongoing during June, so I can learn what needs to be done and how it all works out. The best way to find out how to subscribe for now,  is going to be to subscribe to the RSS for this blog. There’ll be another post just before July telling you how to subscribe in iTunes or get the podcast automatically delivered to the podcast player of your choice.  Once we’re underway in July, the whole podcast idea in the context of the Andy Roberts music project will then be subject to some good old plan /do / review reflective practice with no doubt, a series of iterative cycles which really start with the prototyping in June.

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Gordon Brown Never a Frown

Gordon Brown

Never a Frown

It being the day before a general election, there are only a few hours left to sing this one I suppose.

Or is there?

Some people believe the last few hours day and night can make all the difference

Hence lunch is for wimps, and sleep is for losers.


Recorded 4th May 2010 in London as part of Andy Roberts music broadcast every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm on

After The Stranglers Golden Brown

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

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