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If you are interested in the music side of this blog then I hope you might consider giving a listen to one of my weekly acoustic guitar podcasts.

andy roberts podcast

The weekly podcast started out as a streaming live house concert on Ustream.tv but after a year I decided to make the audio from these weekly synchronous events into a downloadable podcast that can be saved and listened to any time you like. The podcasts are still made by doing a live performance and that has moved over to a similar platform livestream.com and that happens sill at the same time, 7.00pm UK time on Tuesdays.

The podcasts then become available the next day as mp3 files over on a dedicated website andyroberts.me and very soon after on iTunes ( Only the last ten episodes are listed on the iTunes page, but I think you can get the rest by clicking refresh or get all in your iTunes player)

Andy Roberts acoustic guitar podcasts

Andy Roberts acoustic guitar podcasts on Livestream

andy roberts podcast

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