Andy Roberts Sampler CD

Sampler CD

Digital music is the future but the CD may be around for while yet so I’ve agreed to publish one at last. The CD is called “Sampler” and it contains these four tracks:

The Wreckers Prayer 3:23
Winter in Andalucia 5:54
Gernika 8:36
Back in the Field 3:14

I feel that’s a really good introduction to some of my best songs and the total running time is about 21 minutes 7 seconds so that’s more than a standard EP or extended single. Really it’s more like one side of an album for those that remember records.

As a Sampler CD, we’ll be able to sell these for only £2 on Andy Roberts Night at Havering Folk Club, but we haven’t got a price yet in case anybody want to order one by mail. Email me and see.

Andy Roberts - Sampler CD

Andy Roberts Sampler CD 1
Andy Roberts Sampler CD2


Graphics by Linda Hartley using photography by Andy Roberts and Linda Hartley

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