Google+ for Mobile

I’m liking what I’ve seen so far of Google+ or Google plus, particularly the mobile version ¬†which seems like a good place to quickly catch up on a lot of stuff all in one place. roll on the iPad app for it. The “nearby” feature should be really interesting on occasion, but not until a few more people are on there in my local area, which ought to be teeming really.

The big questions are who what and why

Who is going to settle in at Google+ not just to take a look around but to make it a home page that is checked often? Just the early adopter drive-by users or a more stable community of normal people?

What are we going to do or talk about on Google+ that’s innovative and original?

Why would anybody try to migrate all of their friends over to Google+ if they are already ensconced at other social networks?

The thing is, it’s all going to change anyway.

Add me as or possibly “+Andy Roberts

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