Canal Boat Holidays

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I’ve been going on canal boat holidays since a child, but none in the last few years and it has been long overdue to do something about that. The first trip I went on was a little Thames cruiser boat with my parents, before the locks were all manned. Then I went on a narrow boat with a youth club and years later took my own children on narrowboats and Norfolk broads cruisers. Ideally, I would like to spend spend summer months continuous cruising around the inland waterways of England and Wales. That’s part of the Location Independent Living idea but there are several steps which need to be taken first, and one of them was to take a gentle introduction to the joys of boating by way of a short canal boat holiday on the Kennet & Avon canal in rural Wiltshire, perfect for weekend breaks, on board the hotel boat Isabella

Canal Boat Holiday Weekend Pictures

Video from the long tunnel on the Kennet And Avon Canal

Canal Boat Holidays

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9 Responses to Canal Boat Holidays

  1. Nice. :-)

    We hired a canal boat for the day whilst on holiday a couple of weeks back – good fun, though the locks came along a bit too frequently (there was one every third of a mile on the stretch of the Rochdale Canal we were on apparently).

    • Andy Roberts says:

      I don’t mind doing the locking too much, even when it’s a hotel boat, but on the stretch of the Kennet and Avon canal where we started there is a very long stretch without any locks all the way to Devizes where there’s a flight of 29. We turned around and continued the canal boat hoilday in an easterly direction.

      • Ha, yes, I think a flight of 29 would stretch anyone’s patience!

        Where we were, they told us that there’s a big water shortage this season, and so at one section of the canal only 5 lock’s worth of boats in both directions are allowed per day…

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  3. I agree Andy, don’t mind the locks. Mainly because Jen does them and I steer the boat!
    Biggest group we have done are the lovely Audlem flight, great fun.
    Haven’t been game to tackle Devizes yet, maybe next year.

    Cliff and Jenni

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