#TEDxTuttle – Rachel Armstrong Living Architecture

Rachel Armstrong was one of the speakers at Ted X Tuttle yesterday, talking about her work with proto cells to create a new living architecture (non belligerent) which holds out a prospect of rescuing Venice and then the world.

Rachel_Armstrong Rachel is unashamedly anthro-optimistic and radiates intelligent thinking with almost every well chosen word. I think most of the audience found the presentation quite breathtaking in the audacity of the ideas, as she explained new and almost alien ideas with expert simplicity.

As a Ted X event, the video of the talk should eventually surface in a shareable form but in the meanwhile, here’s a clip from a short interview at a previous event where the Cytoplasmic Manifesto is outlined:

Preview to SCi Fi London - Rachel Armstrong @viewmagazine.tv from david dunkley gyimah on Vimeo.

There’s also a ‘live blog’ writeup on Adam Tinworth’s One Man and his Blog entitled #TEDxTuttle : The Future of Buildings

#TEDxTuttle – Rachel Armstrong Living Architecture

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