That photo in Here Comes Everybody

Thanks to Frankie for first noticing it and Shirlyearly for tracking the page down for me in Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Here Comes Everybody

Flickr photo reference in

Please do not inform children of the explosions

This is the picture referred to in the book, and it came in for a lot of attention on the day itself, July 7th 2005.

do not inform children

The book relates directly to the topic we’ve been discussing in the “End of Organisationsdebate, and there’s also a blog by Clay Shirky which recently published an insightful article about the cognitive surplus caused by forty years of watching crap TV, which I can relate to. It’s called Gin, Television and Social Surplus although the permalink reveals a subtitle “looking for the mouse”.

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  1. Shirley Williams says:

    I had the book to hand because my colleague Mike Evans (who blogs at mobilementalism – ) had lent it to me. I knew Andy wanted to know about the book from a twitter post.

    Mike lent me it as I had lent him another book (Mashup Corporatons by Mullholland et al). I had that book because Alasdair Honeyman had recommended it. I met Alasdair in Portugal last year, the same time as I met Andy.

    To me these links show the overlap of the real and online worlds.

  2. Komodo Dragon says:

    “please do not inform the children” wow!

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