London theatre breaks by rail

You can check the availability of tickets for your favourite show and top hotels for theatre breaks by using the form below. Select the show and choose a date first, then enter the hotel details and rail travel.

London Theatre breaks by Rail

When you press “check availability” you’ll be taken to the results on the booking site, from which you can make further searches if necessary until the perfect package is made up for you.

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4 Responses to London theatre breaks by rail

  1. pat boulton says:

    Where???? am I supposed to put “departure station?”

    • Andy Roberts says:

      When you select “Yes Please” for “inc rail travel?” a box appears after “Departing:”. That’s where you start typing your departure station.

      theatre breaks by rail departure station

      If it doesn’t work for you for some reason (eg browser problems) just leave it out – you should get another chance to add discount rail vouchers when you are at the search results and theatre breaks booking pages.

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