Best Broadband deals – Virgin BT Tiscali or SKY

Which are the best broadband deals?

When you look at the newest cheap broadband deals or the latest supercharged fast connection with unlimited downloads promised, it’s hard to tell which broadband provider’s connection will be reliable and up to scratch until after you’ve already signed up for a 12 month contract or even longer.

But the great thing about the internet is that we no longer need to rely on advertisements for all the information that’s necessary to weigh up a service or product before buying. With a little bit of digging around, or just by keeping up to date with what friends are saying, it’s possible to get direct reports from real customers experience of a product, good or bad. In the past this would all have been screened out, and the only source of advice away from the salesmen in the shop would have been “the man in the pub”.

Vigin Broadband Example

For example, Steve Purkiss had a very bad experience with Virgin Broadband and published about it on his blog where anybody could see:

I’ve just cancelled my broadband service from Virgin after only one week. Why? Because today I woke up to find my ‘unlimited’ service had been throttled because I apparently used it too much. I’m now getting less-than-dial-up speeds and the service is all but useless to me

That’s just one really valuable piece of consumer generated information which can help anybody trying to work out which is the best broadband deal out of many under consideration with the main contenders being probably Virgin Broadband, BT, Tiscali and SKY.

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16 Responses to Best Broadband deals – Virgin BT Tiscali or SKY

  1. Thanks for the mention – actually I’m still on Virgin at the moment. The credit department suggested that it may just be because it’s a new connection with them, however it seems to be ‘going slow’ from around 3pm until the early hours of the morning, which suggests a throttle.

    Trouble is, I can’t really afford to go back to my old supplier so I may just have to put up with it, which sucks when they don’t tell you exactly what is classed as ‘acceptabe use’ – they say they throttle the top 5% but won’t say how much it is, so rather than being able to watch your usage (still a bad thing on a supposedy ‘unlimited’ service), you just take pot luck.

  2. Just a quick update – I’ve just re-ordered my old service from – £34.99pcm for 2Mb unlimited, no caps, no throttle, and great tech support should you need it. A must for anyone who uses the internet a lot.

  3. Quentin says:

    I’m with PlusNet (Option 3) myself -£19.99 per month, up to 8mb and 30GB download limit.

  4. David says:

    I had various problems when VM took over, the latest oproblem been going on a while, phone calls were made, complaints were made via on-line support all a total waste of time even two recorded letters remained unanswered, I got on to the ISPA, after the third complaint with them they escalated the problem (slow outgoing emails) to CISAS. It’s surprising how quickly VM can do things when they want..!

    During this time I spoke to engineers and a member of VMs CEO many times. After the last engineer came for the third time the fault mysteriously cleared at 9.01pm that evening, this was after it has been fixed the previous week, server problems was to blame.

    I formatted a hard drive with just windows XP and nothing else… it was still the same, I blew a gasket when told it was my firewall or Antivirus..! Yes I did check the modem upstream power levels which should be between 33dBmV (allowing 3dbmV or drift).

    The excuses ranging from no fault found, a server problem and traffic congestion amongst others, yes even in the wee small hours before daybreak downloading Emails no problem mind.

    I suggest VM engineers are either clueless, Virgin Media is crap if the excuses offered are valid or I was being fobbed off – I believe it was a bit of the lot… and no fault about this on the status page ever.

    Customer services are nothing more than pathetic…. once I was without phone and internet for over a day… I went down the road to check a elderly neighbors phone – dead it was, so I rang CS telling them this and that it must be a network fault, “Oh, theres no issue we’ll get an engineer out to check your wiring, my reply is unprintable… “I also complained about wasting about £7 on a mobile phone I had just topped up…

    … “You should have dialed the free 150 number”, I politely asked… “How the hell can I do that when the phones are not working?” Virgins Media CS just makes you wanna tear your hair out.

    If you want speed and a unreliable service with poor CS support do join VM… I’m about to get a landline installed and look elsewhere.

  5. andy stevens says:

    ive just signed up for tiscali broadband 2 weeks ago. and i must say the service have been brilliant, im getting 8Mg Broadband (actually 7.6 but im not goin to complain about 0.4Mg lol) Free Phone Line Rental with free calls to any house phone in most of the world including mobiles in canada and usa any time 24/7 So I Never have to deal with BT again, and Digital TV which Goes Through My Phone Line. Im Paying 19.99 pcm and thats where it will stay for the first 3 months only increasing to 24.99 never increasing after that…. and when they say unlimited they wernt jokin. my download speed has never dropped more than a Couple of KBs either way and they even waivered the conection fee of £30. but i think that offer is finished now but when you think i was paying £49.50 pcm to sky for my tv, £15 pcm (paid quaterly) to bt for my line rental and 19.99pcm for my BB. im saving £65 Quid A Month lol. so im really happy lol.

  6. Bill Clowery says:

    Yes I was very happy with Tiscali, until I changed address. I had everything arrange with a no hoper on the other end of the line. My new line was set up and my contract was being continued to my new address. Came live on the 17/07/08 recieved a letter that this was the date that I could start going live.Then It happened I recieved another letter from Tiscali saying that Thankyou for my custom and sorry that I was cancelling with them and they had cut me off a day later. I lost all my important emails and could not retrieve them in any way.
    Contacted them but again full of apologies and said that Iwould have to wait until they took the Tag off the line (10 to 15 days)
    Please be carefull who you are speaking to. or dont touch them at all.
    Bill Clowery

  7. vince says:

    I am currently with tiscali and have been for 2 years now! i am currently having trouble with strangled speed and i am not a high user, i was expecting this throttle as they did the same to me last year ,when the dark nights come and kids take to games and downloading music ect tiscali mess about with all there customers band speed it dont matter if your a low user or not! thit is my experience todate,but if you complain they will give you a discount to make you feel bettet? Having said all this i have little faith in any of the others i think they all work the same way.

  8. katie says:

    i have the internet through bt and i have sky but i dont want a house phone cuz we have contract phones, is there anyway we can have both without the house phone

  9. roberty symes says:

    I can reccomend both ECLIPSE and WAITROSE both very good. Tried TALK TALK but a disaster tho friends use them with no complaint

  10. mal says:

    If you pay for 10mbspeed @ £35 a month you should get 10mb. What a joke this is.

    Virgin Media to trial traffic management

    21st April 2008
    Virgin is to trial some traffic management to help with the network efficiency. (JOKE)
    Virgin Media are to run trials in Preston, Wigan, Blackpool, Camden, Dalston, Enfield and Haringey to try some traffic management that will aim at making the network more efficient.
    Virgin Media Broadband to trial traffic managementWhat Virgin Media are trailing is different download and upload limits between different time periods of the day and also based on what package you are on with them.
    Once the cap is reached then users on the M & L broadband packages will have their download speed reduced to 1Mb and upload speeds to 128Kb, .
    It is likely that this trial will eventually result in a rollout across the Virgin Media network of these new traffic management restrictions.
    So whats the point in having a high download speed,Virgin don’t say anything about cutting your speed down when advertising on tv. (What a joke)

  11. dpb says:

    it’s known as the frog principle

    you raise the temperature in the frogs pond by 1 degree a day and you can boil it without it even noticing, the change is so small and gradual

    same thing is being applied to your gas and electricity and all other bills

    your being boiled, so slowly you dont notice

    if we tolerate this, our children will be next …

  12. alex says:

    Tiscali burn in hell, Virgin Bs burn in hell and rest of these bastards on this planet, Korea Japan, and many other asian countries already have Fiber Optic Connection, 100mb line to 50 lowest in South Korea, WTF is the EU doing and UK ? complete twats. spend billions on Arms yet nothing for the public. like fiber networks through out England, these bastards are complete jokes.

  13. Joy says:

    Hi guys

    Im planning to install V.M broadband in my house .. they told me unlimited download+ speed 10MB/S…. how true is this!!!!!!!!!!! pls just honest comments

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