The Jelly Art Club movie

Twitter profile pictures are on the change, largely as a result of “something-friday” events involving people, body parts and peas. So my regular pic which I use in lots of places suddenly starts to looks as if I forgot to change it back after chinposin friday. So for a short while I put one up of a tiny little me standing on a rock in the Aberglasyn pass near Beddgelert, then changed it to the one from my long standing Flickr account.


Karyn asked if there’s a story behind it which got me remembering where the drawing came from. I originally drew it very quickly in flash to represent myself in the prototype of an animation I started playing with. I was quite pleased with the rough and ready resemblance and I decided to keep it for the movie and repurpose as an avatar in some discussion boards, most of which are now defunct except for flickr where it remains. The ultimate accolade occurred at a face to face gathering of online friends who’d never met before when Tom, who’d been wandering around Tate Modern trying to find us, said that he recognised me from my avatar.

So here’s the story of the jelly art club:

JellyOS the movie - clapperboard

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