Stormy weather

It wasn’t unexpected, but when it arrived it was still very dramatic. Currently there is a lull in the storm where I am in London, and it’s nowhere near as fierce as further west either. Big storms can get to you emotionally, they provide a sort of sense of human geography.

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The picture was actually taken last week, in the bay of Biscay where high seas are a regular occurance. I don’t know if it was part of the same weather pattern that’s reaching here now, or even if the storm over there was a relatively normal part of the weather’s repertoire, as opposed to what’s hitting Wales, Cornwall and much of western England right now, which is unusually high winter gales combined with high tides.

I’m interested to read accounts in twitter from the many UK people I follow. An event big enough to pull diverse networks into one topic, and what a favourite topic it is. People wonder why on earth British people like to talk about the weather, implying that it’s a fetish , covering up some kind of cultural reserve which prevents us from discussing more important matters. That’s rubbish. We like to talk about the weather simply because it is such a fascinating and varied subject! Even when there is;t any weather that can become an item itself, but when there is exceptional weather then we really go for it.

Made it into the office and the sun is out ! Broken discarded umbrellas litter the streets

Have given up after 2h43m of failing to get a train to London. Weather schmeather

Was that just a smattering of snow???

Blue skies in the City – has it passed or is it coming?

We’ve got terrible weather down here – wind is crazy

Beautiful sunshine here – na na na naaa-na

The storm is due to peak tonight and last till Wednesday so there’ll be plenty more where those ones came from.

It’s lovely and sunny oop North!

Weather is biblical this morning; hail, gales and torrents of the non-Bit variety

London weather = crazy. Broken umbrellas strewn all over the place.

stormy monday. good excuse for not going out

Holy crap it’s a crap day today

it be raining hard in hammersmith. metal roof in bite = makes storms seem like they’re gonna rip the place down.

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