Theatre breaks in London

Ever thought about weekend theatre breaks in London?

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It’s well known that in London we have lots of famous old theatres all around the Shaftesbury Avenue area of the West End ‘Theatreland’ as well as Drury Lane, Shakespeare’s Globe and the South Bank complex.
Ticket sales have struggled a bit in recent years, particularly during the Americans fear of flying after 9/11 in 2001. They were an important source of customers. The standard of some the shows dropped a bit too, with many of the great musicals being replaced by tribute band shows, but things are looking up again now.

Noel Coward

From February 2008, for example the great Noel Coward classic of “The Vortex” is playing at the Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. Felicity Kendal has been cast as Florence Lancaster.

Theatre Deals

Londoners themselves often don’t take advantage of the world class entertainment available in the capital, with out of town visitors making up the majority of theatre goers. The best plan is to arrive by train, plane or coach (never by car) and stay in a centrally located hotel so that getting back after the show isn’t an issue. It’s the central hotel which can add massively to the overall expense so that’s why a lot of people look for all inclusive package deal theatre breaks in London, or weekend deals, with just the cost of a restaurant meal or two to find after paying for the break in advance. Restaurants in theatreland are diverse and offer special pre-theatre menus for quite reasonable prices, so you can have a good night out in the area even if you don’t have show tickets for any particular evening. I often find myself wandering up from Charing Cross station and just following my nose, or else revisiting regular haunts. Specialist online theatre breaks sites seem to be better value than the regular newspaper and radio offers, telegraph, daily mail, and so on.

Off West End

For those who don’t mind venturing a little further afield than the traditional tourist venues, there are always the Theatre Bars in Islington, Theatre Royal Stratford East, and others mentioned in OffWestEnd where some more challenging, contemporary and economical performances may be found.

Book Theatre Breaks in London

For booking a show and hotel package deal, with or without discount rail travel I’ve found one site which seems to have the best selection available and also offers a best price guarantee:

Book London theatre tickets now, with hotel or travel and meal in any combination via DARnet through London Theatre Breaks.

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27 Responses to Theatre breaks in London

  1. Lloyd Davis says:

    Hi Andy – is always good for last minute deals or go to the tkts booth in Leicester Sq.

    In case anyone out there’s tempted, definitely steer clear of touts I regularly hear horror stories from my beloved who’s job includes dealing with complaints about unofficial ticket sellers.

    People with little ones (children I mean) should look out for what’s on at the Unicorn Theatre (a short walk towards Tower Bridge from the London Dungeon) which is our purpose-built children’s theatre (disclosures: I have done work for the Unicorn and my girlfriend works for the Society of London Theatre)

  2. Andy Roberts says:

    Thanks for the information Lloyd. The half price ticket booth in Leicester Square is the only official discount outlet, apparently. But the seats are not so good. It seems the better seats are bought en bloc and then resold as part of combined london theatre breaks packages, so if you want to see a show at short notice, it may help if you are coming in from outside London.
    We’re currently looking to book for the Scottish Play, no particular date.

  3. Andy – thanks for the tip off about the Scottish Play? Why hasn’t anyone told us they’re reviving Brigadoon?

    • Andy Roberts says:

      My mum was in Brigadoon, a long time ago in a place far away. Come to think of it that was quite possibly, apart from pantomime my first live theatre experience as a child, watching an amateur production of Brigadoon which I enjoyed immensely. Is that little brook still running……?

  4. LindaH says:

    LOL We used to say St Andrews was twinned with Brigadoon 🙂

  5. Graeme says:

    Lol this is fery funny 🙂

  6. Theatre breaks bookings have been popular during the run up to Christmas and continuing into the New Year. That could be because there are some really attractive offers currently on sale if you pick the right hotel and show. Or maybe it’s just because the dismal weather and hours of daylight make it a bit of a relief or tonic, something to look forward to, by booking a theatre break in London

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  8. Sam says:

    Yes I agree you should pre book tickets to prevent being ripped off!
    Sam xx

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