London Bridge Animoto

Another Animoto movie, this time about London Bridge for the song “Cormorants“. After the one I captured from Animoto and converted for youTube recently, it was nice to get a comment from Tom Clifton of Animoto with a promise that we’ll be able to dowload high res versions “within a few weeks…?” That’s great Tom, I’m looking forward to being able to do that. Meanwhile here’s the embedded version of my latest short video, as served directly from Animoto’s own site.

The full version of the song “Cormorants” ( or should it be called London Bridge?) can be played, downloaded, scrobbled and embedded from it’s place on the Andy Roberts label at

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  1. Andy Roberts says:

    Downloading of Animoto videos is now up and running, but only for full length videos, not the free 30 second shorts.

    So if you want to make an Animoto video and then upload it to youtube etc, or even embed it in a blog without having the code getting broken when saved from wysiwyg, then you have to pay $3 per track or else $30 a year for ‘unlimited’ full length animoto videos and downloads

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