Broadband demographics evident at Glastonbury Festival

Michael Eavis , the dairy farmer who runs Glastonbury music festival, blames the policy of selling all tickets online for the ageing of his audience this year.

Here’s the Metro version of the news

Glastonbury ‘too middle-aged’

Glastonbury mud

This year’s Glasto turned into a mud bath

Missed out on a Glasto ticket this year? Well, blame the broadband revolution … and your mum and dad.

Well-heeled thirty and fortysomethings used their super-fast Internet connections to beat teenagers to tickets for the festival this year.

Selling tickets online meant the three day festival – traditionally the preserve of a younger crowd seeking parties and musical debauchery – became ‘too middle- aged’ and even respectable, claimed event organiser Michael Eavis.


He said the lucky few who snapped up this year’s 137,500 tickets in just 1hr 45min were likely to be older people, with the money for fast Internet connections, while the number of 16 to 18-yearolds had fallen.


A silly story really, but informative concerning perceived and actual demographics of internet access and broadband penetration.
The BBC Radio 4 Today Programme presenter though that it was extraordinary to suggest that teenagers couldn’t access the internet, but at what time of day did the tickets go on sale?

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  1. I thought it was a lottery?

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