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This was quite an exciting discovery, a group of people trying to put together a pattern language about wiki adoption. This is quite similar in many ways to what I have been developing on the DARwiki’s wiki facilitation page, which gets referred to by some bloggers. launches with a group of people already involved, so I’ll join them and see what I can contribute. My initial thoughts are slightly troubled by the idea that the patterns may be applicable in some contexts but not in others, in particular the difference between enterprise wikis and public ones. Can the two quite different endeavors be described within the same pattern language ? We shall see. There’s another paradox in using a wiki engine which appears to encourage thread-mode, which is listed there as one of the anti-patterns. But at least these kind of contradictions stand a better chance of being negotiated on a wiki than anywhere else.

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3 Responses to Wiki Patterns

  1. Very interesting Andy. I’m wondering how to revise the Hodges’ model website to make it more interactive. A wiki would be useful for practical examples and discussion. But of course, health and social care is not discrete – there remain differences (practice, *attitude*, aptitude, theory) between general nursing and mental health nursing. How to cater for these and yet achieve holistic, integrated care? All health care professionals are supposed to be working as multidisciplinary team. Maybe a wiki would act a ‘measure’ demonstrating disciplinary reach?

    The idea of antipatterns is a good one – some disciplines can’t cope when presented with problems that span physical, political (consent, capacity) psychological and social care domains (+ spiritual).

  2. I think a wiki would provide a whole new lease of life to the Hodges model site. You don’t have to do a big overhaul though, not necessarily. You could start small with whatever you feel would be the most useful section to have on a wiki and see how it develops. Feel free to try out creating some pages on the DAR wiki if you like, the research side of it is definitely related.

  3. Andy,
    Thanks very much for linking to! I appreciate that you’re helping to spread the word!
    Stewart Mader
    Wiki Evangelist, Atlassian

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