Homemade Mayonnaise

Homemade Mayonnaise

By the author of Couscous Recipe Blog

Homemade mayonnaise is both delicious and economical. It’s just so much better than those expensive jars in the shops which contain a percentage of water ( highest in the ‘reduced fat’ varieties) and all sorts of preservatives and sugars.

I learned to make it in a blender/liquidiser and burnt out the motor on several because you have to run the motor continuously while trickling the oil in through the hole in the lid in thin stream, and benders aren’t really built for that kind of operation.

So what does “Cooking for engineers” say?


homemade mayonnaise

Use a bowl and a balloon whisk, of course!

But wait…. There are two egg yolks in the recipe. They get beaten and whisked a lot but they never get heated or cooked or pasteurised in any way, they end up in the finished mayonnaise as a raw egg ingredient and are eaten as such. I like my fried eggs sunny side up, boiled eggs soft boiled and poched eggs with a dippy yolk too, so eating eggs with a proportion of rawness is normal and enjoyable, in fact I wouldn’t bother with eggs if they had to be cooked all the way through, which is exactly what the World Health Organisation is recommending to avoid the Bird Flu in Nigeria

Avian influenza – situation in Nigeria – update

When handling raw poultry or live or dead birds, it is imperative to disinfect hands and surfaces with soap and water. Consumers also need to be sure that during the cooking process, poultry reaches temperatures of at least 70°C in all parts and that eggs are fully cooked throughout.

but not yet in the UK. How much longer for homemade mayonnaise and dippy eggs?

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