The Wreckers Prayer

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The Wreckers Prayer – Lyrics

“Oh Lord, please don’t let there be shipwrecks,
Let the lighthouse shine out bright and clear.
But if there needs to be an accident at sea,
Please let that ship be wrecked here.

There’s a path all the way from the clifftop
to the rocks and the sea down below
It’s steep and it’s loose and it’s slippery
You gotta mind how you go.

On a moonless night, you need a little light
We don’t want any accidents, you see.

Don’t let there be shipwrecks
Lighthouse shine out bright and clear
If there needs to be a tragedy at sea
then let the cargo be washed ashore here

Oh the living is hard down this way
the soil is all stoney and poor
We don’t have a port, no fish to be caught
There’s just what the tide brings ashore
And the duty free liquor in store.

Next time it happens, don’t let me be late
or allow too much salt water
to infiltrate

Please don’t let there be shipwrecks,
Let the lighthouse shine out bright and clear.
If there needs to be a tragedy at sea,
Let the next one be here.

– Andy Roberts 2003

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Video of Andy Roberts The Wreckers Prayer – Walthamstow Folk Club

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8 Responses to The Wreckers Prayer

  1. Ian says:

    Not sure what’s happened here Andy. I visited this article a couple of nights ago and thought I had left a comment offering my services as Peer Review Groupie if you need one again :-). Lovely words, I like it a lot already, can’t wait for the tune.

    cheers, Ian

  2. Andy says:

    I’m having trouble with the tune – my first attempts end up sounding
    country and western which isn’t what I want at all. I think I may need
    a squeezebox.

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