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ED: This was the last post on “Have Envelope Will Push” an archive blog which has now been consolidated and deleted.

Well this blog was on the way out anyway, and the broken comments system gives it ‘A Final Push’ perhaps not in the way the retitling intended.

I wrote in the technology section of my draft Research Proposal :

*Professional public Blog.

The blog which I’ve been posting to for the last 20 months is reaching the end of its useful life, being powered by an out of date version of the once popular Movable Type 2.6 hosted at ultralab.

So from now on I may post the occasional announcment here, but if anybody might happen to be interested in keeping up with what I’m doing, you may want to change your subscriptions.

My new professional/research blog is at :

Comments feed:

Wiki Recent Changes:

My old Learning Journal is still on Blogger

(This one gets my posts from 43things dumped onto it) :

Feeburner feed (even noisier) :


Photos on Flickr RSS:

Goal Setting on 43things RSS:

See you around.

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