Please contact me (Linda.Hartley@gmail.com) if you are interested in booking INSET or other training days related either to Classroom Displays or other aspects of my work.

Who is Linda Hartley?

Originally a Scot, I moved to London from the North West in 2006. I work on various educational projects including the Classroom Displays Blog and usefulwiki.com. I write articles mostly on classroom displays, reflective practice, social software and informal professional development. I also lecture to Teaching Assistants and other school support workers.

I worked as a TA and as a Research Assistant to a Network Learning Community in a Primary School for many years. I achieved First in a workplace, action research based, online degree ( BA(Hons) Learning, Technology and Research), partly based on the work I did for the Classroom Displays blog.

I’m interested in the use of blogs, wikis and social software in educational professional development, both formal and informal.

What is this blog all about?

The blog is about informal learning, internet technology and action research. These categories were derived and adapted from my degree title and cover just about everything I write about here.

Why Does Your Blog Exist?

This blog started off as the online reflective learning journal for the Classroom Displays blog and since then has morphed into my professional blog.

Who Is Your Audience?

Good question! As far as I can tell my audience consists mainly of other (mostly UK) edubloggers and a few people who have done or are doing the Ultraversity degree. A better question would be “Who am I writing for?” and the main answer to that would really be “for myself.” The blog provides a space for reflection where I can think aloud but with the added benefit of occasional (and very welcome!) comments from others who share my interests. Instead of reflecting in a private space where there’s no one to challenge my assumptions I prefer to bring my thoughts out into the open where friends can add their own take on things and often give a much needed reality check to what I’m saying.

Why Should I Subscribe to Your Blog?

I find it hard to say why people should subscribe to my blog. It seems quite presumptuous and not my sort of thing at all :-) But if I must, I’d say subscribe to this blog if you share some of my interests, or you’ve met me online and would like to know more.


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  1. Thanks Mary. I’ve neglected this blog for a while but I’m hoping to get back into it. I’ve missed reflecting in a public space.

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