Life Without Goals – setting intentions for the new year

Life without goals? Ironic or what? I’ve been teaching goal setting and target setting all term but I don’t do it myself! I’ve tried goal setting and all it does, for me, is set me up to feel like a failure.

It’s a dirty little secret but lots of people feel this way. Goals, or worse yet, New Year Resolutions, can be really destructive. I don’t care how carefully they are set, I’ve been down the whole SMART route, they don’t help me. I’m not daft enough to think I’m unique in this. I know the same is true for some other people. Your mileage may vary. Of course. I am not you.

For me then, I had to find a different way. I still need to make progress. I even need to (cringes) get things done! So how to do it? I’m going to continue with what I’ve been doing for the last six months and work on Action Logging.


ActionLogr - the antidote to To-Do Lists

I’m going to combine that with setting a word for the year. This is an idea I toyed with last year but then forgot to actually do :-)

Setting a word works better than resolutions for some people and Quinn (Choosing Your Word) has written a lovely post that explains exactly why that’s the case. I’ll just quote a little bit from her post:

The word should be limber and supple, without any stiffness of punishment, or hashmarks to measure yourself with and find yourself coming up short.

Sounds perfect. I’m going to do a bit of reflection and see what I come up with.


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